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Rooms and Rugs Pantone Spring Colors 2015

Rooms and Rugs Pantone Spring Colors 2015

Every one looks forward to Spring, especially after a rough winter. The season comes sooner for others, but there's no need to wait.

Bring the colors inside. Here are several inspiration rooms and the Spring Pantone palette to get you started. Which color family are you drawn to most? 


Whether blue or yellow, traditional or modern, color is perhaps the most influential feature of any space. It sets the tone, literally.

Featuring contrasting smoky hues of alluring amethyst, a subtle abstract design and splendid shimmering highlights thanks to sensuous silk-like fibers, this mesmerizing hand-woven rug is positively magnetic in its tone, texture and dimension.

Light or dark, soft or bold, your color choice is what pulls everything you have together. One of the best pieces of advice for choosing your paint color is to select it LAST. Yes, last.

When the rug, the pillows, drapes, upholstery etc. are in place, that's when you look around and select a hue and tone that will complement, harmonize and balance the space perfectly. 

The new Nourison "Silk Shadows" Collection is the perfect way to lay the ground work for your lovely, Spring inspired decor scheme. Soft, subtle, but also rich - Sometimes a whisper can be more powerful than shouting. 

Hand woven of premium wool and bamboo silk fibers, they are velvety soft with a subtle yet luminous sheen. Designs feature transitional motifs with tasteful colors and tone-on-tone contrasts.

The tone on tone design creates visual interest that just a plain solid color rug won't. You especially see this when different light sources are in play.  

Better still, these colors, and rugs, will last a good long time without becoming stale or dated. Redefine opulence with this luxurious collection of stunningly elegant rugs.


We'd love to hear your thoughts about the new colors for Spring 2015, and any ideas you may have about how you plan to incorporate them into your home. Share them in the comments.