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  • Oushak Rugs - The Perfect Complement

    Oushak Rugs - The Perfect Complement

    Oushak rugs originally came from the small town of Oushak (Ushak, Uschak), just south of Istanbul, Turkey. Oushak has been a center of production of rugs since the 15th century and today these beautiful area rugs are produced in Iran and India as well.  

    "The color palette of an Oushak is also of a certain type. It will typically have shades of coral, aqua, golds and reds in faded shades. Oushaks are very popular as a decorative item today because of this color palette – the rug is easy to decorate with because its softness doesn’t fight with other colors or textures in a room." [ref. Peel & Company]

    The design of Oushak rugs are Persian influenced. Before the 15th century Oushak rugs were woven by nomads for practical everyday uses. After the design revolution took place in the late 15th century, area rugs were made in Oushak for commercial purposes as there was easy access to superb wool and natural dyes.

    "Patina" is woven with the finest wools in a classic Oushak style. A soft, beautifully muted color palette combined with subtle distressing adds an updated, though authentic, look to the collection. Hand-knotted in India using 100% wool.

    "'Richly faded colors' seems like an oxymoron, and yet the phrase is one of the best ways to describe the beauty of fine Oushak rugs. Even if you're not knowledgeable about different rug types, there's something about Oushak rugs that makes you want them when you see them. These beautiful floor coverings owe their luminous qualities to the rich, fine hand spun wool that the best Oushak rugs are made of. Whether you're looking at the more traditional star or medallion Oushak rugs, or the more modern variety with soft colors, the transformative power of Oushak rugs cannot be understated. You'd never describe them as loud or overbearing." [ref. Asmara]

    These rugs tend to be more loosely woven than other, more formal Persian rugs, and are always woven with the Ghiordes knot. These rugs are equally appropriate for both formal and informal design schemes, as they tend to be subdued in tone and color, with some exceptions.

    These rugs are a perfect complement to Contemporary, Scandinavian, and Arts & Crafts (Craftsmen) style homes – especially popular in the Northwest. Visit any one of our showrooms to view our large selection of these lovely hand knotted rugs. Also see a wide range of Oushak area rugs, both one-of-a-kind and production rugs in our online store