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A Calming Influence Through Color

by nwrugs April 17, 2015

A Calming Influence Through Color

"Scientists have studied the effect of color on our mood, health and way of thinking for many years. Our preference of one color over another may have something to do with the way color makes us feel. Light energy stimulates the pituitary and pineal glands, which regulate hormones and other physiological systems in the body".  Colors Influence Mood

Starting with a lovely photo of the sea at dusk, it was easy to find it's corresponding color palette using Sherwin Williams "Chip It". Then off to the showroom and our online store to find a rug, furniture, and lighting to bring the whole mood together. Details from the board below.

SOFA (a.) - 7167 by Huntington House  89.5"W X 41"D X 37"H - Arm Height: 25" Seat Height: 20"  #furniture for your entire #home at NW Rugs

SOFA (a.) - 7167 by Huntington House
89.5"W X 41"D X 37"H - Arm Height: 25" Seat Height: 20"

CHANDELIER (b.) - Gilded "Mia"
Showrooms: Agoura HIlls - Portland - Las Vegas

CHEST (c.) - "Lauren"  from the Noir Collection at NW Rugs & Furniture collections/ console-dressers/products/ dresser-lauren

COFFEE TABLE (d.) - "Juliet" from the Classic Home Collection

CHAIR (e.) - 7335 by Huntington House Furniture
Fabric: 30626-63 Grade 22 Repeat 13.5

RUG (f.) - "NYLA" by Loloi Rugs

Once assembled this room will become a relaxing respite from the stresses of daily life at work and home. We'd be thrilled for your feedback. And, want to see how one man picked the perfect earth tone rug for his space? Check out: GOING WITH NEUTRALS OR EARTH TONES here on our blog.


by nwrugs


January 15, 2016

If time is money you’ve made me a weieahtlr woman.

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