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  • Using Rugs To Bring The Energies of Feng Shui Into Your Home

    Using Rugs To Bring The Energies of Feng Shui Into Your Home

    The ancient art of Feng Shui gives people an opportunity to fine tune the energy in their home with key decorating pieces. Using particular elements in key places around the home can change the vibe and balance of a space for the better. Placed in the right room, introducing a corresponding element can optimize that energy flow and bring about positive growth and harmony.

    Often experts suggest adding things that are made of the material or represent it. But we have not seen area rugs suggested much. So, let's look at a few rugs that you can use to bring each of the five Feng Shui elements into your design scheme to give it a boost of the right energy you need.

    FIRE: Heighten energy, passion, expansion, and transformation with the fire element.Use reds, oranges and/or yellows. On the bold side ....


    and a little more subdued but should do the trick nicely ...

    WATER: Use any of the many shades of blue; This element is all about your money flow. This ZEN rug is the epitome of water - flotsam & jetsam.... 


    or on the more subtle side ...

    EARTH: Browns, tans, beige & even golds are your best bet, muted colors; This element brings a sense of security, support & safety. On the darker side, this from the Xavier Collection has got it just right.

     Or for a lighter touch this striped rug will do nicely ...

    WOOD: Go with green. Use to enhance creative energies, inspiration, & motivation. This Shalimar is a nice patina'd option.


    or go more high energy and bright with this JASPER shag rug

    METAL: Metallic colors help channel all the elements' energies and stimulate clear thinking and focus. Silvers and grays, even some whites bring in this element. So many to choose from, with gray being such a popular color with lots of staying power. (See our blog: Gray Is Not Going Away). This DREAM SHAG is a great option in solid gray with a little something extra by way of texture.

    And this pattern would work quite nicely too, don't you think? Any one of several from the EUPHORIA Collection by Karastan would be a great choice. 

    Of course, these are merely just a few rug options for bringing the power of Feng Shui into your home. Follow the colors and the directional locations and it's possible you will see noticeable improvement in the area of energy you've focused on. Millions of people swear by it, so why not give it a try.