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  • Welcoming First Impression

    Welcoming First Impression

    They are coming… family from out of town, friends passing through, neighbors dropping by with holiday cheer. Yes, it’s that time of year.

    One of the fun parts of the upcoming fall winter season is the opportunities to get festive decorating the front of the house, the porch, the front door. You go to the effort to make folks feel welcome. Extend that hearty and warm greeting by paying the same attention (and intention) to just inside the door by adding (or updating) an area rug. 

    You’ve set the tone with the décor outside so carry it into the foyer. Note: The entry rug isn’t for wiping feet - that’s what the welcome mat is for. Inside is a place to land and get acclimated to your home.

    More than likely this is where you’ll grab their coats and invite them to remove their shoes. A rug not only adds that finishing look to the space, but provides a soft warm surface underfoot. 

    Get inspired and check out these rug options for entries and mudrooms. Which is your favorite look? Whether tribal, traditional, modern or contemporary, a rug at the entrance is one of the best ways to greet and welcome guests into your home. 

    Stripes always work well, especially to make a space appear larger.


    Carolina Balog