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5 Rugs You'll Love to Purchase This Winter

5 Rugs You'll Love to Purchase This Winter

Happy New Year! With the New Year, comes new design trends and time for updating your home decor. If you’re in the market for a new rug for 2018, check out our favorite rugs of the season.


Zharah Rug

The Zharah Rug is beautifully intricate in pattern but almost childlike in its simple color scheme. The result? A Moroccan-inspired rug with fringe and triangle patterns. It’s the perfect choice for anyone looking to add some variety to their living room decor. This rug looks great with hardwood flooring and in rooms with simpler design themes.

SIlk Elements

Silk Elements Rug

The Silk Elements Rug has a stunning European air about it. It was created using the burn technique which contributes to its antiquated look. This is the perfect rug for those who want to add a bit of opulence to their design theme.


Fival Rug

The Fival Rug is both easy to clean and incredibly beautiful. The overdyed crimson color and subtle pattern work together to be both mysterious and elegant. The Fival Rug allows you to embrace a current trend while creating a look of luxury in any room.


Twilight Rug

The Twilight Rug is an art lover’s dream. It utilizes color and texture to evoke imagery of an evening’s sky. Neutral gray and bright red combine to create a truly modern feeling. This rug will look great in a more modern design theme.

Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon Rug

Shades of cream mix effortlessly on this contemporary, acrylic rug. Add this to a Scandinavian-inspired design theme for a touch of hygge.

Which rug trends will you embrace this winter? Let us know!

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