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  • How to Incorporate a Tribal Rug Into Your Design Theme

    How to Incorporate a Tribal Rug Into Your Design Theme

    Tribal rugs have been around for centuries. With origins in Morocco and other similar cultures, they made their way into the western world in the mid-twentieth century. Artists and designers used them to create contrast against their simple, formal living spaces.

    The artistry of the tribal rug becomes even more fascinating to the westerner when you consider the stories that were traditionally woven into them. Whether you love them for their beautiful colors or historical significance, you should consider adding a tribal rug into your design theme this year. Here are a few tips for selecting the perfect tribal rug for you.


    Offset a Traditional Room

    The tribal rug can be used beautifully to offset a more traditional living space. You can use a rug like theJoanna Gaines Brushstroke. Its bright colors, expert patterns and fringe are just enough to make a subtle statement while adding an element of playfulness to your living room.

    English Manor

    Create an English Country Theme

    English country homes and manors usually have an intricately patterned rug featured in the living rooms. Choose a rug like theEnglish Manor Windsor for a relaxed, yet timelessly elegant look.  

    Modern Rugs

    Complement a Modern Room

    Choose an updated tribal like theNomadto complement a modern design theme. Based on simplicity, the Nomad’s design finds its focus on large aqua and beige shapes. Try to find a rug that will match your current room’s color scheme for a subtle emphasis.

    How will you incorporate a tribal rug into your design theme? We hope these tips help you as you figure out how best to add this timeless classic into your living space.

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