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Design Karats - Diamonds in Design

Design Karats - Diamonds in Design

The diamond motif has been a staple of design since ancient times. It's most frequently seen in tile, whether for the foyer, kitchen or bathroom. It's a classic that has stood the test of time. 

Don't want to have new floors put in? By using area rugs with this geometric pattern the options open up considerably. You can go basic and neutral, to bold, to abstract. Endless possibilities. You will find several options in all types of rugs - hand knotted, hand-tufted or machine made. 

Here are a dozen diamond pattern rugs to inspire your project. Which would work best in your space?


We hope this opens up a few possibilities for your home decor project. BTW, don't forget to take advantage of the HUGE VENDOR for Black Friday, Small Business Saturday & Cyber Monday. You are sure to find more than one great deal! 


GRAMERCY ULTRA VIOLET 3200B: http://nwrugs.com/collections/area-rugs/products/gramercy-ultra-violet-3200b
NOSTALGIA NS02: http://nwrugs.com/collections/area-rugs/products/rugs-jaipur-nostalgia-ns02
LAGUNA 04BLK: http://nwrugs.com/collections/area-rugs/products/rugs-momeni-lagualg-04blk
KASBAH 3943D: http://nwrugs.com/collections/area-rugs/products/rugs-sphinx-kasbah-3943d
MADAGASCAR 4MTI: http://nwrugs.com/collections/area-rugs/products/rugs-momeni-madagmdg-4mti
GRAMERCY LIMON YELLOW 3245A: http://nwrugs.com/collections/area-rugs/products/gramercy-limon-yellow-3245a
GRAMERCY LIGHT BLUE MAZE 3230B: http://nwrugs.com/collections/area-rugs/products/gramercy-light-blue-maze-3230b
MADAGASCAR 3MTI: http://nwrugs.com/collections/area-rugs/products/rugs-momeni-madagmdg-3mti
GRAMERCY BISCAYNE BLUE 3200A: http://nwrugs.com/collections/area-rugs/products/gramercy-biscayne-blue-3200a
YALAMEH TRIBAL RUG TAN80015351: http://nwrugs.com/products/yalameh-tribal-rug-tan80015351-iran
YALAMEH TRIBAL RUG WV80015348: http://nwrugs.com/products/yalameh-tribal-rug-wv80015348-iran
YALAMEH TRIBAL RUG WV80024741: http://nwrugs.com/products/yalameh-tribal-rug-wv80024741-iran