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  • Decorating with Spring Flowers

    Decorating with Spring Flowers

    Looking for a simple, affordable or lowkey way to liven up your home this spring season? Consider decorating with spring flowers. Beautiful, bright bouquets can do a lot to transform a bedroom, kitchen or living room into a welcoming, lively environment after a long winter. We especially love to decorate with flowers as they get us excited for even warmer weather in the summer. Follow these tips to decorate your home with this season’s floral arrangements.

    Kwanzan Cherry

    Kwanzan Cherry Arrangement

    Switch up your dining room by using a Kwanzan Cherry arrangement as your table centerpiece. The beautiful flowers are full and pink to purple in color. The result? A delicate and elegant arrangement juxtaposed against its shiny green-brown leaves.



    Daffodils are a classic spring flower and are rightly beloved for their bright yellow color. Add a vase of daffodils to your living room for an instant pop of color and to add some cheer after the cold winter months.



    Looking for not only a pop of color, but a pop of texture too? Look no further than the bluebell. This flower is a beautiful, bright blue color but also has a stunning shape and texture. Place a vase of these in your bedroom or on the kitchen table.

    DIY Floral Arragnement

    DIY Arrangement

    Go the DIY route and create your own bouquet. Get creative with color, texture and size until you find a bouquet that satisfies you. Then, dream up creative ways to store your flowers. Go with a watering can, wicker basket, tea cup or nest vase. The choice is yours.

    How will you decorate with spring flowers this season? We hope these tips will help you breathe some life into your living space and add just the right pop of color to your home.

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