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  • Spring Clean Your Home with These Expert Tips

    Spring Clean Your Home with These Expert Tips

    Spring cleaning can sometimes seem like a large and daunting task but it doesn’t have to be. By dividing up the workload of your deep clean, you can keep yourself from getting overwhelmed and also accomplish a clean house more quickly. Follow these expert tips for a squeaky clean home this spring.

    Kitchen Guide

    Go Room by Room

    Begin your spring cleaning session by dividing up your home and deciding which rooms you want to tackle first. Start with the kitchen and work your way through the living room to the bathrooms then the bedrooms. Or, vice versa. Schedule out your cleaning sessions with one room per weekend for the next month or until you’ve deep cleaned the whole house.


    Go Deep

    It’s essential to deep clean each and every room so that you can rid your home of any dust, bacteria and allergens lurking from winter. Deep clean your home by shampooing the carpets and rugs, waxing the hardwood floors and scrubbing down the windows and countertops. Throw your curtains in the wash on the delicate cycle with a wet towel then dry them. This gets rid of dust and brightens up any dullness.

    Focus and Details

    Focus on the Details

    Focusing on the small details helps ensure that your home is actually getting fully cleaned. Pack away any old winter blankets and switch them out with lighter comforters for spring. Do the same with your thick sweaters and spring clothing. Flip your mattress. This helps you get a better night’s sleep and makes your mattress last longer. Organize your computer desk and clear away any paper clutter. Finally, clean your electronics by wiping them down before organizing your computer files and getting rid of any clutter.

    Diffuse Essentials

    Diffuse Essential Oils

    Finish off your deep clean by diffusing essential oils around your home. Choose an oil like Tea Tree, Lemon, Rosemary or Wild Orange. These oils are known to kill bacteria and reduce allergens in the air. So, you can stave off those spring allergies while perfuming your home with a delicious scent.

    Happy spring cleaning! We hope you find these tips helpful as you begin to clear out the old and welcome the coming of the spring season. Don’t let the sometimes daunting task of deep cleaning scare you away from making your home look great this season.

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