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Four Outdoor Decor Tips

Four Outdoor Decor Tips

Summer is the perfect time to dive deep into home improvement projects, gardening and decluttering your space. Before you get overwhelmed with the amount of work and time that these projects take up, make note of these outdoor decor tips to help you simplify and conquer your decorating projects this summer.



DIY seating

Save some cash and go with a unique DIY seating design. Purchase a wooden crate and turn it upside down to create an unconventional end table. Customize it with the paint color of your choice. Or, combine two or three crates to create a makeshift bench. Add some throw pillows and blankets to complete your new cozy front porch seating arrangement. You can keep these weather resistant by treating the crates with a weatherproof stain.

Hanging Garden


Hang your garden

For any porch or veranda, greenery is essential when crafting your outdoor space. Choose your favorite potted plants for the ground, but if you want to add that wow factor to your space, create a hanging garden. Not only does this provide an edgy look, but it also can be used to give your space a little more privacy from neighbors. We love this hanging garden seen onThe Horticult.


Mix up your flooring

If you’re working with concrete flooring, consider switching it up with interlocking deck tiles or an intricately patterned rug. Choose from a variety of outdoor rugs to suit your fancy. Go with abrilliantly colored watermelon rug or thisbright yet subtle option.  

Outdoor Lights

Stick to a consistent lighting design

When it comes to lighting, consistency is key as lighting can be what ultimately ties a theme together in a room design. Play with boho chic vibes by incorporating a chandelier into the mix or hang string lights to create a charming country front porch atmosphere. Try theMia Chandelier for a more rustic look.

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