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  • A beginner's guide to indoor plants

    A beginner's guide to indoor plants

    Indoor plants have been featured all over Instagram, Pinterest and other creative spaces on the interwebs in recent months. If you’re looking to get started as a plant mom or dad, follow these tips for a successful transition into plant parenthood.

    Snake Plant

    Start small

    When you’re new to anything in life, it’s easy to get so overwhelmed with excitement that you go all out and then find yourself burned out very quickly. Try to avoid doing this with plants as you should start small and learn how to properly care for them before expanding your collection. Go with something low maintenance like the snake plant. This succulent looks dramatic and can grow big but can survive a little neglect too. Or, start really small with an aloe plant. These are tiny in size and require a simple care routine.

    Plant Tastes

    Follow your tastes, not the trends

    Much like with fashion, plant trends are always changing. Each year and sometimes each season, there will be new plants of the moment being talked about in online planting communities. But, just because one plant may be popular now, doesn’t mean it’s the right plant for you. Follow your gut when choosing a plant by doing research on how much care each plant requires along with what kind of look you want the plant to have. This will be much better for you in the long run than going out and buying every plant that trends on social media.

     Water plants

    Water carefully

    Oftentimes what causes the death of a houseplant is either over or under watering. To avoid this, try to only water your plants when the soil feels dry. Make sure that water is reaching the roots and not just flooding the soil. To do this, you can try a few different methods. If you have a pot with holes in the bottom, put the plant in a bowl filled with water so the roots can soak up the moisture. Another option is to purchase an upside down planter so you can make sure the roots are absorbing the water. Or you can use an upside down wine bottle filled with water to get the job done. Plants love to be spritzed periodically so get a spray bottle to wet the body of the plant from time to time.

    plant placement

    Placement is key

    Some plants prefer to grow in high sun conditions while others thrive in moist environments like bathrooms. Do a bit of research on your specific plant to make sure you are catering to its distinct needs.

    Which plant will you adopt first? Need more advice on how you can spruce up your home?  Contact us or visit one of our locations today.