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  • Holiday Tree Guide: Matching Your Tree to Your Rug Style

    Holiday Tree Guide: Matching Your Tree to Your Rug Style

    Ever wonder what Christmas tree decoration style pairs best with your rug? Should you go with an all-white tree, a traditional tree with green and red ornaments, a silver tree or something entirely different? We have paired some of our favorite rug styles with a variety of tree styles for you! 


    Contemporary rugs are eye catching yet subdued. Trees for these rugs would make a statement, without being as bold as modern trees. This combination is an excellent fit for a stylish person.

    Contempoary rugs

    [source tree photo]


    A home with timeless décor, furnishings and a traditional rug calls for a traditional tree. Think a warm color scheme of reds and greens. This style brings back the nostalgic feeling of Christmas past.

    Traditional Rugs

    [source tree photo] 


    Transitional rugs and trees are a perfect marriage of traditional and modern styles.  Start with the elements of tradition and add fresh colors or designs for a fun and sophisticated look. If the household has a variety of styles this is a great way for everyone to have a say.

    Transitional rugs



    Tribal rugs, known for their unique designs and colors, bring a special warmth and spark to a home that is hard to resist. These special one-of-a-kind tribal rugs deserves to have a one-of-a-kind tree during the holiday season. Each Tribal rug in our collection could be paired with a different style tree, so, have fun decorating with these unique rugs. We like the pairing of a bare branch tree with our Moroccan Collection rug.

    moroccan rugs

     [source tree]


    If you have a simple yet stylish solid rug in your home, anything goes. Bolder solid colors rugs would pair well with a bold tree, calming rugs colors would play nice with any tree. Let your style personality shine when decorating with solid rugs.

    solid trees


    Every style is beautiful because it represents you. So, which tree pairing matches your style personality best?