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  • How to Decorate Your Space With Persian Rugs

    How to Decorate Your Space With Persian Rugs

    Persian rugs are beautifully designed and were originally woven in Iran (historically known as Persia). Filled with patterns and symbols, these rugs were representative of different local tribes, traditions and the rich history of Iran and its people. Today, you can use a Persian rug to not only celebrate a unique cultural tradition, but also to liven up your living room or bedroom. Here’s how you can use a Persian rug in your design theme.

    Modern Rugs


    Persian rugs can look great within a modern design theme. Focus on the tones of the room and bring in a rug based on those factors. A red Persian rug, like the Serapi Pak Rug, can look great against a backdrop of gray walls, hardwood flooring and other wooden furniture pieces. Complement the look even further with soft, slightly pastel-colored couches and chairs.

    Contemporary Tribal Rugs

    Complementary Colors

    Create a unique color palette within a room by offsetting the main colors of your Persian rug with complementary colors. Choose a rug with pinks and reds to play off sky blue walls or vice versa. The Ziegler Peshawar Rug is perfect for a complementary color scheme.

    White Room

    The best way to add a little variety to an all-white room is with an interestingly designed rug. The Balouch Tribal can bring a slightly moodier vibe to a pristinely white room. With this method, you can add an unmatched level of contrast to a room that will instantly step up your interior design game.

    Match Tribal Rugs

    Matchy Matchy

    Make the rug your centerpiece by building your interior design theme around it. You can do this by selecting colors and furniture that will play off the rug’s patterns and colors. Purchase a rug like thePak Serapi to get you started.

    How will you decorate your space using Persian rugs? We hope you get inspired to switch up your design theme with these beautiful and timeless rugs.

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