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How to Make Your Space Cozy For Fall

by nwrugs October 10, 2017

How to Make Your Space Cozy For Fall


Fall always has us craving elements of coziness. From hearty meals, brisk walks in the park, candles and fuzzy sweaters, our hearts long to incorporate hygge into our daily routines. But, how can you make your home cozy for the autumnal season? Follow these tips for a more cozy space this year.


Incorporate Textured Decor

Nothing makes you want to snuggle up by the fire more than a fuzzy throw blanket and pillows. That’s why it’s essential to add textured elements into your fall decor scheme. Add a textured rug to your living room or bedroom. Also be sure to place throw blankets and soft pillows on your ottomans and couches for extra coziness. Pick up the Cosmo Shag , Grand Canyon , Linden or another one of our textured rugs for a burst of comfort.


Inviting Lighting

Lighting is so important in creating different atmospheres in a room. So when it comes to making your space warm, inviting and oh so cozy, it’s important to take this into consideration. You can create a warm, homey environment by looking for light bulbs with a Kelvin temperature of 2700 or less. Additionally, choose aesthetically pleasing lighting fixtures to create a beautiful, inviting look in your space. The Cimberleigh Chandelier and the Iris Round Chandelier are both great options to check out.


Embrace Rustic Elements

Rustic furniture always has a way of making us feel cozy. It’s why we dream of migrating to a New England ski lodge each winter. To capture this look in your own home, embrace rustic and vintage design elements. Look for soft wood bed frames like the Aria Bed or wooden tables like the Canton End Table .

How do you make your space cozy for fall? Let us know!


by nwrugs

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