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  • 4 Design Trends to Embrace This Autumn

    4 Design Trends to Embrace This Autumn


    With each season comes new trends in fashion, lifestyle and our personal favorite, interior design. As fall approaches, we hope to slow down and get cozy as the weather cools off. These are the hottest design trends for autumn 2017.

    Tiles and chair


    Tiles and Finishes

    According to Country Living, different types of tiles and finishes are trending this fall. Terra cotta style tiles are making a comeback. The rustic color can help transform your living space into a hospitable, cozy environment. Cheaper and temporary finishes are also growing in popularity from wallpapers to stick-on tiles and decals, the options are endless for those on a budget. We love this removable look from NuWallpaper.



    Textured Bedding

    Update your bedding this fall with something a bit cozier than those classic white sheets. Switch it up with patterned quilts, fuzzy throw blankets and textured duvets. Check out this quilted boho dream as seen on Instagram from Royal Furnish.

    Hunter Green

    Darker Hues

    Hunter green was predicted to be 2017’s interior design color of the year by the industry’s top players and we’re excited about it. The color is subtle, elegant, and reminiscent of nature’s own greenery. Hunter green paint is a beautiful touch to any bedroom, kitchen or living room. You can also incorporate it into your furniture by choosing hunter green couches and chairs. Matte blacks and grays are also trending darker hues this year.

    Tech Free Zone


    Tech-free zones

    Pinterest has spoken and tech-free zones are one of the hottest trends this year. Many people are creating cozy spaces to relax within their homes without phones, laptops and constant pinging. You can make your bedroom a comfy tech-free space by hanging a canopy over your bed like this one seen in Country Living from blogger Love Grows Wild.

    Which trends will you embrace this fall?