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  • Love is in the Air and our Homes: Decorating with Red

    Love is in the Air and our Homes: Decorating with Red

    “Red is not just a color, it’s a state of mind”

    Valentine’s day is around the corner, and we can’t help but feel the love. So, naturally, we are being inspired by red home décor. Whether you have already fully embraced red in decorating or have dipped your toes in the water we have tips for using the bold color this month and beyond.

    Red evokes energy, strength, passion, and love, and can hold its own against any unique piece in a room. Whether you use red as an accent, or the focal point of the room, it always makes a statement. So the first thing you should ask yourself is: What is the statement you are trying to make?

    Although there are many styles that would look great with the addition of red, we will explore four to get you started: Romantic, Country Chic, Traditional and Shabby Chic

    Red Decor

    With any of these styles, if you are weary of being too dramatic, start with a neutral space that has beige or grey walls and furniture. Then add elements of red with accent pillows, drapes, or accessories for an excellent way to make a room pop without it becoming overwhelming.

     romantic setting

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    Red and romance go hand-in-hand, so this pairing is a match made by cupid! Due to red’s stimulating effect, be sure to balance this color out in relaxation spaces like the bedroom. In smaller doses this color is perfect for setting a more romantic tone. Include contrasting colors, such as a red accent wall with white linens, or a neutral space with red curtains would make an excellent pairing.

    We just love our red Fival rugs for adding romance to a room. After all, rugs are art you can stand on and what is more romantic than art?

    country red kitchen

    Country Kitchen

    The color red has been shown to increase appetite, so it’s no wonder this color is a perfect fit for a kitchen. This color works well in country and farmhouse style kitchens. White and red kitchens perfectly embody the essence of country chic. Including a red rooster never hurts!

    Traditional Rugs

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    Do you find yourself drawn to a more traditional style home decor? Reds look great in timeless interior design spaces. Deeper reds like burgundy are the way to go with this style. Using red traditional rugs adds the drama of the color while still sticking with the classic look and feel people have come to love in traditional home decorating.

    Another seamless way to incorporate red into a traditional style home is through red wood furniture staining. This is an elegant way to include a touch of red in any space.

    Shabby Chic

    Shabby Chic

    Calling all DIYers, shabby chic décor is right up your alley. The easiest way to add red to this style is with a can of paint and some imagination! If you find a piece of furniture you just love, but wish it was red… paint it. Don’t forget to distress the piece after painting, this is what gives it the antique appearance that is shabby chic!

    Color Combinations

    Loving the idea of red, but not sure which colors to pair it with? Here is a list of some of our favorites:

    • Red, White, and Blue: Perfect for a nautical space!
    • Red and Black: Just what you need for extra drama!
    • Red and Grey: Great pairing for balance and sophistication.
    • Red, Yellow, and Blue: Bright and fun, great for a children’s playroom.
    • Red and White: Makes a kitchen look retro and a bedroom romantic.

    Feeling motivated? Check out our red rugs, or check out any of our showrooms for inspiration!

    Yearning for more information about the color red? Like did you know: “Feng shui recommends painting the front door of a home red to invite prosperity to the residents.” Learn more about this color!