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Modern and Contemporary: Are they One and the Same?

by nwrugs January 26, 2017

Modern and Contemporary: Are they One and the Same?


Contemporary and modern are often used interchangeably, but should they be?  We are here to tell you, no. Let’s look at each style to examine why they are different.

Modern Living Room

Modern design style is characterized by a period of time, 1920’s-1950’s or what is most commonly referred to as mid-century modern. The elements of this time period have continued to be used today like open floor plans, clean lines, use of wood, minimalist layout, etc. In fact, this is a popular design trend currently.

Contemporary Design

Contemporary design defines whatever is in style at that moment. Therefore, this style will continue to change over time. It can be a combination of many current trends as well.

So why the confusion? Well, mid-century modern is currently in style, which is why many contemporary designs are influenced by modern aspects. However, this will inevitably change as time goes on and new trends come into style. What is contemporary today may not be twenty years from now!

Contemporary Dining Room

When it comes to rugs, contemporary rugs are really all about eye-catching, handmade designs that fit in with a variety of furnishings. Contemporary rugs aren’t as bold as modern rugs, and they tend to have more subdued designs and colors. This allows them to go with whatever is currently in style!

Mid Century Modern Design

If you love Modern design check out this blog to get a look inside a beautiful modern home in Portland, Oregon! Here are great tips to warm up a mid-century modern home with rugs.

Don’t be afraid to play around with elements from a variety of design styles. We are all different and our homes should reflect this! What styles are your favorite?


by nwrugs

Vineet Golchha

June 27, 2017

Thank you for your great full post.

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