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New Year, New Style. Simple ways to freshen up you home style in 2017.

New Year, New Style. Simple ways to freshen up you home style in 2017.

It’s the new year and many of you have made your resolutions and plan on actually sticking to them this year, right? Well, we have a resolution suggestion that not only can you accomplish, but will have fun doing so! This year, resolve to try a new home decor trend.

Designers across the country have been forecasting their predictions for the top trend styles of 2017. We scoured the internet and compared the numerous lists of home decor musts this year to provide you with a quick go to of the five most commonly predicted trends and how to easily incorporate them in your home.

Green Walls

Green is in this year, expect to see it everywhere. Green helps to balance out any home.

Not quite ready to paint your wall green, here are some simple ways to add a touch of green. Finding accessories such as pillows, throws, vases or lighting is an easy and affordable way to dabble with the green trend this year. Once you get your feet wet you may be ready to start adding green rugs, tables, sofas or beds.

Green Options

Trust us on this one, your friends will be green with envy!


Who doesn’t love the feeling of velvet under your finger tips? Well you are in luck, this year is all about texture. Try adding items like velvet accent chairs, furry pillows to a leather couch and textured vases to your home.


No need to be too matchy-matchy this year, mixing pieces and patterns is in. It’s time to let your eclectic side shine. Don’t be afraid to try conflicting patterns together, you might just create a masterpiece. Not sure where to start, rugs that have unique patterns are a perfect option.


You will begin to notice more boho inspired accents in stores this year. Decorating with this style will allow you to marry comfort and elegance in your home.

Boho rugs will be the perfect addition if you are ready to take on this trend. For more information on Bohemian rugs check out “Bohemian Touches: Justina Blakenley Rugs”.

Jewel Tone

Be bold in 2017 with jewel tone pieces. You can start small with a pop of color through items like vases, artwork, pillows or lighting. If you want to really wow your house guests, try a jewel toned rug, chair, couch or even paint your wall a vibrant color.

Which of these trends are you most eager to try this year?

If you are ready to get decorating but not sure where to start our dedicated staff at all of our locations are happy to help.