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  • Decorating with “Greenery” the Pantone Color of the Year

    Decorating with “Greenery” the Pantone Color of the Year

    2017 is the year of green according to Pantone. This year they selected “Greenery” as the color of the year and we are excited thinking about all the ways to incorporate this bright and refreshing color in your home décor.

    Green is a relaxing color that embodies energy, nature, money, growth, life, and health. Who wouldn't want a color with so many positive vibes associated with it in their house? There are many ways, big and small, that you can incorporate this beautiful color into any space.

    Plant Life

    Not quite sure about decorating with green? Get your toes wet by adding green plants! This is a simple and affordable way to try out the color trend of the year. Whether you opt for living or artificial plants, you can’t go wrong.

    Nw Rugs Green

    If you want to explore the use of this color in your home beyond plants, we have some great suggestions for you. Try accessories like bowl fillers, sculptures, vases, curtains, pillows and throws.

    No surprise, our favorite way to include vibrant colors into every room is rugs! Whether you choose a rug with varied pops of green or go for a bright green rug, this is a great way to embrace the color of the year! Even the kids can have fun with this color.

    Elle Decor


    The key is finding the amount of green that you are comfortable with and that represents your style. If you have questions on how to add green to your home, ask one of our friendly and talented staff at any of our locations.