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Update Your Master Bedroom Today with these Five Tips

Update Your Master Bedroom Today with these Five Tips

Now that you’ve gotten spring cleaning out of the way, it might be time to redecorate your bedroom this summer. It’s out with the old and in with the new. Here are five tips to help you spice up your master bedroom decor.


Implement elements of minimalism

There is beauty in simplicity. Minimalism has been one of the hottest trends in lifestyle and home decor for the past several years and for good reason. It’s all about utility, smart design and living. Update your master using the rules and elements of minimalism. You can do this by decluttering your space, getting rid of the excess and in selecting new furniture for the room. TheQuincy Bed Frame checks all the boxes with its clean, angular, no frills design.


Incorporate contemporary detailing

If your master bedroom is looking drab, go a bit bolder by incorporating modern details into the room. You can do this by hanging a piece by your favorite modern artist or in selecting edgy throws and rugs like thisGemstone rug. Its scaly, jewel-toned pattern and luxurious luster combine to create the perfect combination of natural and abstract.


Add fresh cut flowers or greenery

A simple and easy way to add a little more umph to a space is to decorate it withgreenery. Get into the habit of keeping a vase of fresh cut flowers in bright pinks and yellows to add a pop of color and hominess to your space. Or, become a plant parent. Ditch the Succulents and Fiddle Leaf Figs that ruled the 2016#InstaPlant world and go with anAloe or Snake plant.

Basket Wall

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Choose intricate wall decor

HGTVand Instagrammers everywhere have declared that basket walls are all the rage right now. What exactly is a basket wall? It’s a group of usually mismatched baskets hung on a wall. The effect is very boho chic and it’s proven to be an inexpensive solution to wall decor. If basket walls are too much for you, go with a well-designed and hip mirror. Our personal favorite? TheLarge Pixley Mirror.

Rustic Interior Design

Go rustic

A bedroom can be many things depending on your personal style preferences, but it should always be a place you can get cozy and feel at home. If you feel your bedroom is lacking this, consider addingrustic elements. Rustic decor can help make your space feel updated while maintaining a sense of warmth.

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How do you plan to update your master bedroom this summer?