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Design Style Feature: Maximalism

Design Style Feature: Maximalism

By now you’re probably at least a little bit familiar with minimalism, the lifestyle practice that has been trending for the past several years. From tiny houses to more functional decor, minimalism has driven many to declutter and desire to live with less. Of course, when any lifestyle trend reaches its peak, its detractors embrace its opposite. That’s where maximalism comes into play.

It’s a rejection of minimalism and celebration of excess. Maximalism is surfacing as a design trend this fall and if you’re absolutely sick of hearing about minimalism, this might be the perfect design style for you. Here’s how you can implement maximalism into your home.

Mixing Patterns


Mix patterns

Maximalism is all about “more is more.” So when it comes to choosing patterns, you should live by this phrase. Where minimalism was pattern-free or relied on one simple pattern, maximalism embraces multiple clashing patterns in a room. This way of thinking is perfect for those who have a more eclectic taste or those who don’t care if their decor is matchy-matchy. Choose a patterned rug for your living room like theNomadand pair it with throw pillows like theMississippi Multi. Do whatever you desire because maximalism throws matching out the window.

Ornate Image

Emphasis on the ornate

Similar to the French Rococo style, maximalism focuses on ornately decorated furniture. Think gilded everything. You can also incorporate wallpapers in various patterns throughout your home to truly capture the maximalist concept. Go with the ornately decoratedCimberleigh Chandelier for a truly royal look.

Bright Colors

Choose bright colors

Bright and vibrant colors stand in the spotlight with maximalism. Make use of color while choosing a wall paint, upholstery and accent items like rugs and throw pillows. Shop the rust orangeTownsend Recliner to create a bold, dramatic effect.



Showcase collections

Maximalism was created with the collector in mind. Now is the time to show off that mirror or photo collection. Hang your collection above the mantle for all to see like blogger and vintage collector Sara Thomas.

Do you prefer minimalism or maximalism as a design style?