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Design Style Feature: Scandinavian

by nwrugs August 25, 2017

Design Style Feature: Scandinavian

Last month we explored French decor styles , and this month, we’re putting the spotlight on their cousins from up north. Scandinavian style has been spreading in popularity in recent years. From Danish hygge to Nordic minimalism, adopt these Scandinavian style principles for a cleaner and cozier home environment.


Put functionality first

Scandinavian style doesn’t mess around with frills and is no fan of dramatic luxuries. Instead, it thrives on functionality. For this reason, minimalists everywhere are drawn to this style. To imitate the look of a true Scandinavian home, clear out the clutter and extra furniture from your space. Only keep what serves a purpose everyday, focusing on functional pieces like desks and cubbies.

Wooden Chairs

Incorporate wooden chairs and accents

Something Scandinavian style does exceptionally well is incorporating wooden chairs and accents in a way that’s both rustic and clean. To replicate this principle, always choose lighter woods. Be sure to stay consistent in the color, texture and style of wooden furniture that you use in your home.

Monochromatic Wall Art Image

Focus on monochromatic wall art

Swedes are known to celebrate black and white home decor and their artwork is no exception. Look for monochromatic paintings and other wall art to continue following the Scandinavian principle of simplicity and clean design.


Add elements of hygge

While you might be thinking that due to its minimalist essence, Scandinavian style might seem a bit cold, it’s actually quite the opposite. In Denmark and Norway, the concept of “hygge” is widely celebrated and something that the Danes and Norwegians aspire to in their home designs. What is hygge exactly? It’s the concept of coziness that inspires feelings of happiness and well-being. To add elements of hygge into your home, you can incorporate items like soft throw blankets and fur or shag rugs . Search for #hygge on Instagram to inspire you.

Which Scandinavian style principle will you adopt first? Need more advice on how you can spruce up your home? Contact us or visit one of our locations today.

by nwrugs

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