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  • The Days Might Be Shorter, but with Proper Lighting Your Home will be Bright All Year

    The Days Might Be Shorter, but with Proper Lighting Your Home will be Bright All Year

    Design is defined by light and shade, and appropriate lighting is enormously important. - Albert Hadley

    Light plays a huge role in our lives, besides helping us to see better, it sets a mood, and lets our personal style shine bright. It’s time we acknowledge the importance of the right lighting for your home.

    Green Lighting

    Home lighting can be broken down to four types: natural, ambient, accent and task. Let’s explore each of these lighting styles to determine which is the best for you! Hint: it will most likely be a combination of all four!

    Natural Lighting

    Natural Lighting

    We must first start with the sun’s natural lighting. If you have a room with plenty of windows this option is perfect. If you don’t have floor to ceiling windows and want to still harness the sun’s light in your home, don’t worry we have some easy tips! Try adding mirrors to bounce the sunlight into the room. You can also use paint with a high light reflectance value, paints that reflect the most light.

    Now, once the sun goes down these next three lighting types will come in handy!

    Ambient Lighting

    Ambient Lighting

    Ambient or general lighting provides the main light source for your home.  Ambient lighting can be warm or cool depending on your preference but must provide the right amount brightness without producing glare. Typical sources of ambient lighting are chandeliers, track, wall mount and ceiling lighting.

    Accent Lighting

    Accent Lighting

    Accent lighting usually highlights architectural features, artwork, plants, or other points of interest in a home. This lighting will need to be brighter than your ambient lighting and should not be the focal point of the room. Lighting with dimmers, recessed lighting and wall mounted picture lights are great examples of accent lighting.

    Track Lighting

    Task Lighting

    Just as the name states, task lighting helps you accomplish tasks. By illuminating workspaces in your home it provides the needed light to help you get the job done. A common example of task lighting is found in the kitchen above places like the sink, stove, or food prep areas. Desk and floor lamps are another great example of task lighting. If you have a home office or a comfy reading chair you may want to consider getting a lamp that provides the best light for decreased eye strain.

    Don’t forget with each of these lighting options you have a chance to show off your personal style! What is your favorite home lighting option?