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  • Get Crafty with these 5 Fun DIY Home Decor Projects

    Get Crafty with these 5 Fun DIY Home Decor Projects

    Your home is beautifully furnished with quality rugs and furniture, but it needs an extra personal touch. This is when DIY projects come in handy. You have probably created a Pinterest Board filled with a variety of crafts you know you will get to one day. This spring, we encourage you to try one!

    Here are five simple and fun DIY home décor projects you can add to your list:

    Mason Jars

    Mason Jar Projects

    The mason jar trend has yet to go away, and that is perfectly fine with us! There are so many great projects you can do with mason jars -- canning, candles, and candy jars -- and those are just ideas starting with the letter C! We love the idea of using mason jars for bathroom organizers! Find a wooden pallet stained to your preference, some pipe fittings and mason jars … put them together and you have a rustic chic bathroom organizer.


    Painting Projects

    The easiest way to add your personal touch to any home décor project is with a fresh coat of paint. Whether you choose the color of the year, your favorite color, or a nice neutral color, you will love the instant change with a fresh coat of paint. One simple way to have fun with a painting project is to paint an accent table a vibrant color to change a hidden piece into the new focal point. Check out these painting techniques from Sherwin Williams.


    Door Wreaths

    Door wreaths aren’t just for Christmas Décor, your door needs some décor love all year round! This spring and summer the perfect and easy DIY project is making a flowery wreath for your front door. There are many wreath forms to choose from, including styrofoam, straw and wire. Choose the form that you prefer! Next, choose the flowers and other supplies you want to use to beautify your door. Have fun with this one and let your décor style shine through. For detailed instructions on making a wreath for each style form, check this out.


    Accent Pillows

    Sometimes finding the right accent pillow is impossible! When that happens, it’s time to take matters into your own hands. First you will need to pick the insert size you are wanting, then measure the insert. Next, this is the fun part, head to your local fabric store and pick the material and pattern perfect for your home. Get the amount of fabric you need to encase the insert. The next step requires a little sewing know-how!


    Candle Holders

    Another easy and fun home décor project can be completed in 5 minutes! How’s that for efficient? The items you will need for this project are a candle, glass vase big enough for the selected candle, and decorative fillers. The fillers can be rocks, stones, colored glass pieces, seashells, pine cones, coffee beans… you name it! Put the fillers in the vase then add the candle and voila! Now, if you are feeling extra crafty try these fun candle making techniques.

    Which of these projects are you most looking forward to trying? Do you love the concept of DIY, but crafting is not in your DNA? We are happy to help find the perfect decorations for your home!